5 Tips for Staying Sane While Managing Social Networking

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I selected this piece written by Samantha Hosenkamp for PR Daily because it’s easy to get burned out managing social networking (aka Social Business) and this article has a good plan to help you pace yourself so it doesn’t drive you crazy.

Here are a few of the 5 strategies to keep you sane and savvy

Create a social media cheat sheet.

**This will take some experimenting.

**Start by determining how many times you want to post to your social networks per day.

**Do this through trial and error to learn how your audience responds.

**Then determine what type of content to share.

Dedicate time to your favorite sites:

**Staying abreast of social media news can be trying.

**Figure out which sites you find most useful and dedicate at least a half hour every morning to review them

Carve out time for measurement

**you need to keep track of your social media efforts. help you identify your audience, what kind of posts they respond to, and how you can be more efficient in your efforts

**Start with an understanding of what your company needs and make sure you measure and track how social media is helping push these goals forward 

**Are you hoping to increase sales? Are you trying to reach a new audience? Are you re-branding your company image?

**Know your KPIs or “key performance indicators.”

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